While my clients are perfect gentlemen, it is necessary to inform less experienced hobbyists of the manners required to help a woman feel like a lady.

  • Donations comes first. Place your enveloped donation in clear view for me to see. When meeting in public, greet me with a gift bag, or envelope containing my donation. It is a silent gift transfer.
  • Do communicate any special requests- I have an extensive wardrobe of clothing and lingerie
  • Expect to meet ” The Girl in the Photos”.
  • “Break the Ice” and bring a cold bottle of Champagne or wine.
  •  Hygiene. Be fresh and well-groomed. I do the same for you. It is extremely important to me. I can assure you that your extra attention will not go unappreciated. Do  anything that you think would make a great first impression with a beautiful woman.
  • Please do not negotiate with me on rates.
  • I want to make you feel like a “King”, allow me to set the mood. Trust me, relax and enjoy.
  •  I follow a healthy lifestyle. I do not partake in use of illegal drugs, I have no tattoos, non smoker,  I’m a social drinker.
  • Being a Gentlemen is Super Sexy!  You will be generously rewarded for it.
  • New friends present me with a valid photo ID and it must match the screening information.
  • Personal Boundaries – please respect them. Our safety is my priority.
  • Personal lives – are sacred. While I know you are curious about me, remember that asking to much information about me is uncomfortable. Besides, I want to know more about you.
  • Plan ahead. First encounters require additional time to process your verification screening. It’s rare that I can accommodate last minute requests.

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